Who Is John Szepietowski And What Charities Does He Support?

John Szepietowski, a property developer, lawyer and businessman has been fortunate enough to be successful in the present business world. Because of that, he is mindful of his responsibility to help society wherever he can, by contributing his time; money; experience and knowledge; and outstanding reputation to the causes of great importance. Every charitable purpose John helps is meticulously chosen to mirror his own interests and to create a true change in areas affecting us all today.

What Is Philanthropy And Why Is It Valuable?

Philanthropy is giving generously. It is a drive on the part of someone to support others, monetarily or otherwise, for the greater good. There are no business contracts in philanthropy, no intent to gain individually, other than through the contentment of boosting the daily life of the recipients.

Philanthropy is necessary in today’s world since it fulfils the increasing space between what society must get and the supply of the funding from the government to deal with that by means of public services. It often targets causes which are less popular or controversial, and so draw in less aid, financial or otherwise, from either the people or the government. The role of a philanthropist is vital. He isolates those advocacies and makes the decision to assist them. He’s independent of fashions and fads, in public fundraising projects or state funding. As John Szepietowski does, a philanthropist can freely choose as to which advocacies to support.

What Causes Does John Szepietowski Help And Why?

The diversity of advocacies Mr Szepietowski has invested in during the last several years aren’t simply issues that fascinate him, but problems which he feels strongly about and unfortunate scenarios which he wishes to transform for the sake of everyone. They can be issues that have frustrated him or the people close to him personally, or they may be social injustices or needs that require aid unavailable from anywhere else. John is always willing to take new approaches, and several pieces of information about the advocacies he has supported to date might help in determining those issues nearest to his heart.

Dogs Are Loved

Pets, most particular dogs, are vital for human welfare. They share our everyday lives and provide us with dedicated companionship. We owe them an obligation, not just to supply their primary needs in terms of water, security, and food, but also to look after their wellness and health, physically and mentally. All rational people are shocked whenever they see reports in the media about cruelty to animals, and there’s a legal framework ready to penalise people who mistreat animals. However, there is typically a gap between the legal procedure be followed in order to punish violators and the public information about the problems involved. Dogs Are Loved, formed by John, wishes to connect that space through teaching everybody on how to report it to the relevant officials and enhancing the understanding of animal abuse.

Cancer At Large

It is approximated that one in every two individuals will have cancer at some point in our lives. This is worrisome information, though much more unsettling is the reality of struggling with the illness after being diagnosed. It does not only affect the patient – sometimes, their loved ones are hit even harder. There is an overwhelming amount of information available, from the traditional and alternative treatments to the different kinds of cancer and common illness progression; from how to balance the needs of the patient with daily family life to how to cope financially with cancer… It could be distressing and time-consuming to have to go through this in order to obtain the most beneficial information. Cancer At Large, an advocacy supported by John Szepietowski, intends to help. Its team works relentlessly to produce accurate, concise, and clear information for cancer patients and their caregivers, to make sure that more of their time can be dedicated to overcoming their diseases.

Special Needs Learning

There’s no more valuable obligation, nor greater happiness, compared to taking care of our kids. We do this gladly and willingly, yet there are incidents when the obstacles could be overwhelming. These are magnified if your kid has a special need or an impairment. Mr Szepietowski values the energy, love and coping mechanisms of parents who have these added responsibilities given unto them. Hence, he gives resources to causes which are established to help such parents, like the charity group he started for this purpose, Special Needs Learning. By doing so, he can help make the lives of the parents and their children a tiny bit easier, whether that’s helping to find information on sourcing the finest healthcare or coming up with decisions about their education.


An eager light aircraft pilot, John Szepietowski is fascinated by topics regarding aeronautics. Nevertheless, he acknowledges the disadvantages of living in and near the flight path of general, commercial, and civil aviation. Therefore, he gives his support to the charitable group he has formed, Anti-Noise, to enhance the awareness of the people regarding the effects of environmental and noise pollution because of the aviation business. This is certainly relevant in the recommended expansion of Heathrow Airport. John also supports other anti-airport expansion movements to appeal to the officials, in order to impact their decision.

Save The Architecture

Showing the range of his passions, Mr Szepietowski also supports Save The Architecture. In the UK, our history is one of our main attractions and strengths, therefore it’s important that it is preserved. This obligation, sadly, could deliver major difficulties to owners and prospective owners of Listed Structures. Save The Architecture evaluates and gives latest tips on the restoration and reconstruction of our preserved buildings, to keep their legacies for posterity’s sake and to prevent proprietors from breaking the legal construction that surrounds them.

This article provides only a short summary of the causes addressed and work supported thanks to the philanthropy of Mr John Szepietowski. His other passions include issues relating to the career path he has picked such as legal matters and real estate development through to educational matters as well as motor racing.


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